Red Blend

333 Wines from 188 Wineries

Behrens Family Winery 20th Anniversary Bottle Preview
Behrens Family Winery20th Anniversary

Steele Canyon Cellars 50 Harvests Meritage Bottle Preview
Steele Canyon Cellars50 Harvests Meritage

Orin Swift Abstract Bottle Preview
Orin SwiftAbstract

Swanson Vineyards Alexis Red Blend Bottle Preview
Swanson VineyardsAlexis Red Blend

Tuck Beckstoffer Wines Amulet Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Tuck Beckstoffer WinesAmulet Napa Valley

Behrens Family Winery Another Roadside Attraction Bottle Preview
Behrens Family WineryAnother Roadside Attraction

Modus Operandi Cellars Antithesis Bottle Preview
Modus Operandi CellarsAntithesis

Alpha Omega AOX Bottle Preview
Alpha OmegaAOX

Dutch Henry Winery Argos Bottle Preview
Dutch Henry WineryArgos

Sleeping Giant Argus Rosato Bottle Preview
Sleeping GiantArgus Rosato

Rutherford Hill Winery Atlas Peak Merlot Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryAtlas Peak Merlot

Hertelendy Vineyards Audēre Red Blend Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Hertelendy VineyardsAudēre Red Blend Napa Valley

Porter Family Vineyards Barre Azure Bottle Preview
Porter Family VineyardsBarre Azure

Robert Biale Vineyards Basic Black Bottle Preview
Robert Biale VineyardsBasic Black

Campesino Cellars Baybos Bottle Preview
Campesino CellarsBaybos

Beringer Vineyards Beringer 3 Acre Red Blend Bottle Preview
Beringer VineyardsBeringer 3 Acre Red Blend

TOR Wines BFD To Kalon Bottle Preview
TOR WinesBFD To Kalon

Boyd Family Vineyards Big Ranch Cuvée Bottle Preview
Boyd Family VineyardsBig Ranch Cuvée

Blankiet Estate - Paradise Hills Vineyard BLANKIET ESTATE PROPRIETARY RED, PARADISE HILLS VINEYARD Bottle Preview

Blankiet Estate - Paradise Hills Vineyard BLANKIET ESTATE RIVE DROITE, PARADISE HILLS VINEYARD Bottle Preview

Buehler Vineyards Bon Marché Red Blend Bottle Preview
Buehler VineyardsBon Marché Red Blend

Tres Perlas Bridge Bottle Preview
Tres PerlasBridge

Buoncristiani Family Winery Buoncristiani O.P.C. - Proprietary Red Bottle Preview
Buoncristiani Family WineryBuoncristiani O.P.C. - Proprietary Red

Rutherford Hill Winery Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryCabernet Franc

Woodbridge Cabernet Merlot Bottle Preview
WoodbridgeCabernet Merlot

Priest Ranch Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WineryCabernet Sauvignon

Dalla Valle Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Dalla Valle VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon

Patel Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Patel Napa ValleyCabernet Sauvignon

S. R. Tonella Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
S. R. Tonella CellarsCabernet Sauvignon

O'Brien Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
O'Brien EstateCabernet Sauvignon

Colgin Cellars "Cariad" Bottle Preview
Colgin Cellars"Cariad"

Rutherford Hill Winery Cask Reserve Merlot Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryCask Reserve Merlot

Del Dotto Vineyards CAVE BLEND NAPA VALLEY Bottle Preview

Markham Vineyards Cellar 1879 Blend Bottle Preview
Markham VineyardsCellar 1879 Blend

Rutherford Hill Winery Cellar Master's Tribute Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryCellar Master's Tribute

William Hill Estate Central Coast Pinot Noir Bottle Preview
William Hill EstateCentral Coast Pinot Noir

Brown Estate Vineyards Chaos Theory Bottle Preview
Brown Estate VineyardsChaos Theory

Brendel Wines Chorus Cuvée Rouge Bottle Preview
Brendel WinesChorus Cuvée Rouge

Constant Diamond Mountain Vineyard Claret Bottle Preview
Constant Diamond Mountain VineyardClaret

Cliff Lede Vineyards Cliff Lede Claret, Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Cliff Lede VineyardsCliff Lede Claret, Napa Valley

Priest Ranch Winery Coach Gun Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WineryCoach Gun

Sullivan Vineyards Coeur de Vigne Bottle Preview
Sullivan VineyardsCoeur de Vigne

Dalla Valle Vineyards Collina Dalla Valle Bottle Preview
Dalla Valle VineyardsCollina Dalla Valle

Sciandri Family Vineyards Coombsville Cuvee Bottle Preview
Sciandri Family VineyardsCoombsville Cuvee

HALL Napa Valley "CRAIG'S CUVEE" RED WINE Bottle Preview

HALL Napa Valley CRAIG'S RED WINE Bottle Preview

Lagniappe Peak Vineyards DBA Bottle Preview
Lagniappe Peak VineyardsDBA

The Prisoner Wine Company Dérangé Bottle Preview
The Prisoner Wine CompanyDérangé

Ca' Momi Winery Do It For The Love Red Bottle Preview
Ca' Momi WineryDo It For The Love Red

Pestoni Family Estate Winery Domingos Brothers Red Bottle Preview
Pestoni Family Estate WineryDomingos Brothers Red

Trefethen Family Vineyards Dragon's Tooth Bottle Preview
Trefethen Family VineyardsDragon's Tooth

Mi Sueño Winery El Llano Red Wine Blend Bottle Preview
Mi Sueño WineryEl Llano Red Wine Blend

Reid Family Vineyards Erik's Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Reid Family VineyardsErik's Cabernet Franc

Trinitas Cellars Estate Meritage Bottle Preview
Trinitas CellarsEstate Meritage

Storybook Mountain Vineyards Estate Reserve Zinfandel Bottle Preview
Storybook Mountain VineyardsEstate Reserve Zinfandel

OVID Napa Valley Experiment Red Bottle Preview
OVID Napa ValleyExperiment Red

Jon Nathaniel Cellars Fabulist Red Blend Bottle Preview
Jon Nathaniel CellarsFabulist Red Blend

Realm Cellars Falstaff Bottle Preview
Realm CellarsFalstaff

Pope Valley Winery Faultline Bottle Preview
Pope Valley WineryFaultline

HUNNICUTT Fearless Red Bottle Preview

Fleury Estate Winery F in Red Bottle Preview
Fleury Estate WineryF in Red

Kenefick Ranch Winery Founder's Reserve Bottle Preview
Kenefick Ranch WineryFounder's Reserve

Baldacci Family Vineyards Fraternity Red Wine Blend Bottle Preview
Baldacci Family VineyardsFraternity Red Wine Blend

Grand Napa Vineyards GRAND NAPA MASTER RED Bottle Preview

Rocca Family Vineyards Grigsby Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Rocca Family VineyardsGrigsby Cabernet Sauvignon

Tres Sabores Headline Red Wine Bottle Preview
Tres SaboresHeadline Red Wine

The Prisoner Wine Company Headlock Bottle Preview
The Prisoner Wine CompanyHeadlock

Hourglass Wine Co. HG III Red Blend Bottle Preview
Hourglass Wine Co.HG III Red Blend

Hiatus Cellars Hiatus Red Bottle Preview
Hiatus CellarsHiatus Red

Flora Springs Winery & Vineyards Holiday Blend - Snowflake Dancers Bottle Preview
Flora Springs Winery & VineyardsHoliday Blend - Snowflake Dancers

Derenoncourt California Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Derenoncourt CaliforniaHowell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Fleury Estate Winery Howell Mtn. BDX Bottle Preview
Fleury Estate WineryHowell Mtn. BDX

Rutherford Hill Winery Ian Tiago Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryIan Tiago

Italics Winegrowers Italics Fifteen Appellations Bottle Preview
Italics WinegrowersItalics Fifteen Appellations

Italics Winegrowers Italics Proprietary Red Wine Bottle Preview
Italics WinegrowersItalics Proprietary Red Wine

Italics Winegrowers Italics Sixteen Appellations Bottle Preview
Italics WinegrowersItalics Sixteen Appellations

Colgin Cellars "IX Estate" Bottle Preview
Colgin Cellars"IX Estate"

Reid Family Vineyards J. Kirkwood Red Blend Bottle Preview
Reid Family VineyardsJ. Kirkwood Red Blend

Freemark Abbey Josephine Red Wine Bottle Preview
Freemark AbbeyJosephine Red Wine

Judd's Hill JOVIAL CUVEE Bottle Preview

Castello di Amorosa LA FANTASIA Bottle Preview
Castello di AmorosaLA FANTASIA

Red Mare Wines La Vaquerra Red Blend Bottle Preview
Red Mare WinesLa Vaquerra Red Blend

Ackerman Family Vineyards Le Chatelaine Bordeaux Blend Bottle Preview
Ackerman Family VineyardsLe Chatelaine Bordeaux Blend

Coup De Foudre Winery LES BOUQUINISTES Bottle Preview

Hill Family Estate Like a Hawk Bottle Preview
Hill Family EstateLike a Hawk

Robert Biale Vineyards Like Father Like Son Red Blend Bottle Preview
Robert Biale VineyardsLike Father Like Son Red Blend

Titus Vineyards Lot 1 Bottle Preview
Titus VineyardsLot 1

Hill Family Estate LOVE Bottle Preview
Hill Family EstateLOVE

Luna Vineyards Lunatic Red Wine Bottle Preview
Luna VineyardsLunatic Red Wine

Orin Swift Machete Bottle Preview
Orin SwiftMachete

Judd's Hill MAGIC Bottle Preview
Judd's HillMAGIC

Rutherford Hill Winery Malbec Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryMalbec

Storybook Mountain Vineyards Mayacamas Range Zinfandel Bottle Preview
Storybook Mountain VineyardsMayacamas Range Zinfandel

Gandona Estate Meia Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Gandona EstateMeia Cabernet Franc

Vincent Arroyo Winery Melange Reserve Bottle Preview
Vincent Arroyo WineryMelange Reserve

Casa Nuestra Meritage Bottle Preview
Casa NuestraMeritage

Judd's Hill MERITAGE Bottle Preview

David Arthur Vineyards MERITAGGIO Bottle Preview
David Arthur VineyardsMERITAGGIO

Trefethen Family Vineyards Merlot Bottle Preview
Trefethen Family VineyardsMerlot

Markham Vineyards Merlot Bottle Preview
Markham VineyardsMerlot

Rutherford Hill Winery Merlot Reserve Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryMerlot Reserve

Ca' Momi Winery Merlot Reserve Bottle Preview
Ca' Momi WineryMerlot Reserve

Materra, Cunat Family Vineyards Midnight Bottle Preview
Materra, Cunat Family VineyardsMidnight

Lagier Meredith Vineyard Mondeuse Bottle Preview
Lagier Meredith VineyardMondeuse

Louis M. Martini Winery Monte Rosso Vineyard Mountain Red Bottle Preview
Louis M. Martini WineryMonte Rosso Vineyard Mountain Red

Mending Wall Mortar and Stone Bottle Preview
Mending WallMortar and Stone

Robert Craig Winery Mt. George Cuvee Bottle Preview
Robert Craig WineryMt. George Cuvee

Woodbridge Muscat Hamburg Bottle Preview
WoodbridgeMuscat Hamburg

Trinitas Cellars Mysteriama Bottle Preview
Trinitas CellarsMysteriama

Trinitas Cellars Mysteriama Benedictine Bottle Preview
Trinitas CellarsMysteriama Benedictine

Duckhorn Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Duckhorn VineyardsNapa Valley Cabernet Franc

O'Shaughnessy Estate Winery Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
O'Shaughnessy Estate WineryNapa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Gibbs Vineyards Napa Valley Dusty Red Bottle Preview
Gibbs VineyardsNapa Valley Dusty Red

Stags' Leap Winery Napa Valley Petite Sirah Bottle Preview
Stags' Leap WineryNapa Valley Petite Sirah

Mi Sueño Winery Napa Valley Tempranillo Bottle Preview
Mi Sueño WineryNapa Valley Tempranillo

Derenoncourt California Napa Valley Terres Mêlées Bottle Preview
Derenoncourt CaliforniaNapa Valley Terres Mêlées

Sciandri Family Vineyards Nello Bottle Preview
Sciandri Family VineyardsNello

Tamber Bey Vineyards Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Tamber Bey VineyardsOakville Cabernet Sauvignon

Rutherford Hill Winery Oakville Merlot Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryOakville Merlot

Hill Family Estate Origin Bottle Preview
Hill Family EstateOrigin

Opus One Overture Bottle Preview
Opus OneOverture

OVID Napa Valley Ovid Napa Valley Bottle Preview
OVID Napa ValleyOvid Napa Valley

Orin Swift Palermo Bottle Preview
Orin SwiftPalermo

Orin Swift Papillon Bottle Preview
Orin SwiftPapillon

Gamble Family Vineyards Paramount Red Wine Bottle Preview
Gamble Family VineyardsParamount Red Wine

Tom Eddy Winery Parcel One Cuvee Red Bottle Preview
Tom Eddy WineryParcel One Cuvee Red

Robert Biale Vineyards Party Line Zinfandel Bottle Preview
Robert Biale VineyardsParty Line Zinfandel

Fleury Estate Winery Passionne Bottle Preview
Fleury Estate WineryPassionne

Maxville Lake Winery Petite Sirah Bottle Preview
Maxville Lake WineryPetite Sirah

Peju Winery Piccolo Bottle Preview
Peju WineryPiccolo

O'Connell Family Wines Pietro Family Cellars Field Blend Bottle Preview
O'Connell Family WinesPietro Family Cellars Field Blend

Metaphora Wines PInot Noir Bottle Preview
Metaphora WinesPInot Noir

Tres Sabores ¿Por qué no? Bottle Preview
Tres Sabores¿Por qué no?

Blankiet Estate - Paradise Hills Vineyard PRINCE OF HEARTS RED, PARADISE HILLS VINEYARD Bottle Preview
Blankiet Estate - Paradise Hills VineyardPRINCE OF HEARTS RED, PARADISE HILLS VINEYARD

Hagafen Cellars Prix Reserve Mélange Bottle Preview
Hagafen CellarsPrix Reserve Mélange

Alpha Omega Proprietary Red Bottle Preview
Alpha OmegaProprietary Red

Saint Helena Winery Proprietary Red Blend Bottle Preview
Saint Helena WineryProprietary Red Blend

Patland Estate Vineyards Proprietary Red Wine Bottle Preview
Patland Estate VineyardsProprietary Red Wine

Rutherford Hill Winery Proprietors Blend Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryProprietors Blend

Peju Winery Province Bottle Preview
Peju WineryProvince

pureCru Wines pureCoz Bottle Preview
pureCru WinespureCoz

Quintessa Quintessa Bottle Preview

Kapcsandy Family Winery RAPSZODIA Bottle Preview
Kapcsandy Family WineryRAPSZODIA

Raymond Vineyards R Collection Field Blend Bottle Preview
Raymond VineyardsR Collection Field Blend

Grand Napa Vineyards REALÉ NAPA RED WINE RESERVE Bottle Preview

Woodbridge Red Blend Bottle Preview
WoodbridgeRed Blend

Hill Family Estate Red Door Bottle Preview
Hill Family EstateRed Door

CAMi Vineyards Red Wine Bottle Preview
CAMi VineyardsRed Wine

Grand Napa Vineyards RED WINE OAKVILLE Bottle Preview
Grand Napa VineyardsRED WINE OAKVILLE

Rutherford Hill Winery Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryReserve Cabernet Sauvignon

O'Brien Estate Reserve Merlot Bottle Preview
O'Brien EstateReserve Merlot

Trinitas Cellars Revelation Bottle Preview
Trinitas CellarsRevelation

Buena Vista Winery Revenge Red Blend Bottle Preview
Buena Vista WineryRevenge Red Blend

Young Inglewood Vineyards Right Bank Blend Bottle Preview
Young Inglewood VineyardsRight Bank Blend

Kapcsandy Family Winery ROBERTA'S RESERVE Bottle Preview
Kapcsandy Family WineryROBERTA'S RESERVE

Fleury Estate Winery Rocket Juice Bottle Preview
Fleury Estate WineryRocket Juice

O'Brien Estate Romance Bottle Preview
O'Brien EstateRomance

Ca' Momi Winery Rosso Bottle Preview
Ca' Momi WineryRosso

Ca' Momi Winery Rosso Di Ca' Momi Bottle Preview
Ca' Momi WineryRosso Di Ca' Momi

Cakebread Cellars Rubaiyat North Coast Bottle Preview
Cakebread CellarsRubaiyat North Coast

Joseph Carr Wine Rutherford Red Blend Bottle Preview
Joseph Carr WineRutherford Red Blend

Rutherford Hill Winery Sangiovese Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WinerySangiovese

V. Sattui Winery Sattui Family Red Bottle Preview
V. Sattui WinerySattui Family Red

O'Brien Estate Seduction Bottle Preview
O'Brien EstateSeduction

Padis Vineyards Sintilation Bottle Preview
Padis VineyardsSintilation

Priest Ranch Winery Snake Oil Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WinerySnake Oil

Louis M. Martini Winery Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Louis M. Martini WinerySonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon

Somerston Estate Stornoway Bottle Preview
Somerston EstateStornoway

Regusci Winery Syrah Bottle Preview
Regusci WinerySyrah

Hudson Syrah Bottle Preview

Keenan Winery Syrah Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Keenan WinerySyrah Napa Valley

Shafer Vineyards TD-9 Bottle Preview
Shafer VineyardsTD-9

Rutherford Hill Winery Terlato Angels' Peak Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryTerlato Angels' Peak

Rutherford Hill Winery Terlato Atlas Peak Merlot Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryTerlato Atlas Peak Merlot

Rutherford Hill Winery Terlato Cardinals' Peak Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryTerlato Cardinals' Peak

Rutherford Hill Winery Terlato Devils' Peak Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryTerlato Devils' Peak

Realm Cellars The Absurd Bottle Preview
Realm CellarsThe Absurd

Realm Cellars The Bard Bottle Preview
Realm CellarsThe Bard

Krupp Brothers The Damsel Rosé Bottle Preview
Krupp BrothersThe Damsel Rosé

Krupp Brothers The Doctor Bottle Preview
Krupp BrothersThe Doctor

Kongsgaard The Fimasaurus Bottle Preview
KongsgaardThe Fimasaurus

Dutch Henry Winery "The Hen" Bottle Preview
Dutch Henry Winery"The Hen"

The Prisoner Wine Company The Prisoner Bottle Preview
The Prisoner Wine CompanyThe Prisoner

Behrens Family Winery The Road Les Traveled Bottle Preview
Behrens Family WineryThe Road Les Traveled

Realm Cellars The Tempest Bottle Preview
Realm CellarsThe Tempest

Tierra Roja Vineyards Tierra Roja Bottle Preview
Tierra Roja VineyardsTierra Roja

Timeless Napa Valley Timeless Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Timeless Napa ValleyTimeless Napa Valley

Casa Nuestra TINTO ST. HELENA Bottle Preview

Whitehall Lane Winery Tre Leoni Red Wine Bottle Preview
Whitehall Lane WineryTre Leoni Red Wine

Pope Valley Winery Tre Uve Bottle Preview
Pope Valley WineryTre Uve

Casa Nuestra TWO GOATS RED Bottle Preview

Colgin Cellars "Tychson Hill" Bottle Preview
Colgin Cellars"Tychson Hill"

O'Brien Estate Unrestrained Reserve Bottle Preview
O'Brien EstateUnrestrained Reserve

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards VERSADA NAPA VALLEY RED BLEND Bottle Preview

Rocca Family Vineyards Vespera Bottle Preview
Rocca Family VineyardsVespera

Modus Operandi Cellars Vicarious Red Wine Bottle Preview
Modus Operandi CellarsVicarious Red Wine

Amuse Bouche Winery Vin Perdu Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Amuse Bouche WineryVin Perdu Napa Valley

Domaine Chandon US Vintage Carneros Brut Bottle Preview
Domaine Chandon USVintage Carneros Brut

Krupp Brothers Water Witch Bottle Preview
Krupp BrothersWater Witch

Sterling Vineyards West Coast Red Blend Bottle Preview
Sterling VineyardsWest Coast Red Blend

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards WHIPLASH CALIFORNIA RED WINE BLEND Bottle Preview

Aratás Wine Wine 0 Bottle Preview
Aratás WineWine 0

Di Costanzo Wines Wine 0 Bottle Preview
Di Costanzo WinesWine 0

Trois Noix Wine 0 Bottle Preview
Trois NoixWine 0

The Vice Napa Valley Wines Wine 12 Bottle Preview
The Vice Napa Valley WinesWine 12

The Vice Napa Valley Wines Wine 15 Bottle Preview
The Vice Napa Valley WinesWine 15

Cuvaison Wine 24 Bottle Preview
CuvaisonWine 24

Reid Family Vineyards Wine 6 Bottle Preview
Reid Family VineyardsWine 6

Rutherford Hill Winery Winemakers Blend Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryWinemakers Blend

Sterling Vineyards Winemakers Select Red Blend Bottle Preview
Sterling VineyardsWinemakers Select Red Blend

Somerston Estate XCVI Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Somerston EstateXCVI Cabernet Sauvignon

Fleury Estate Winery Z Cab Bottle Preview
Fleury Estate WineryZ Cab

Grgich Hills Estate Zinfandel, Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Grgich Hills EstateZinfandel, Napa Valley

Judd's Hill ZSM Bottle Preview
Judd's HillZSM