Deep, multifarious and intellectual, the 2018 Seduction showcases the intricacy of blending Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc together and prominently delivers a preponderance of black cherry, plum, and cassis aromas and flavors alongside graphite, earth, spice and a light touch of sweet toasty oak. The finish is full, juicy and lasting as the soft tannins linger.

Growing Conditions

February saw abundant rains, followed by lots of filtered light in spring and early summer. Both bud break and flowering occurred a bit late, but under ideal weather conditions, creating plentiful and even fruit set. Summer brought generous sun during the day and cooler marine influences, virtually uninterrupted by major heat spikes. The relatively mild summer followed by extended fall sunshine and moderate heat created near-ideal conditions for winemakers to allow their fruit to accumulate flavor complexity with gradual increases in sugar levels.