Napa Valley Wine

Napa Valley is famous for its red wines and some of the best examples of Cabernet Sauvignon in the world. Let's explore what's worth drinking in Napa Valley.

Cabernet Sauvignon is Napa Valley's hallmark wine variety and it makes up over 50% of the vineyards planted here. At it's best, Cabernet Sauvignon has epic proportions; with refined tannins, bold fruit, and an almost indescribable "dusty" quality.

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Of course, that's not the only wine that Napa Valley is known for.

What wines is Napa Valley most famous for?

If you're looking for the best Napa Valley wines you've got to start (or perhaps finish) with Cabernet Sauvignon. But, for a real deep dive into Napa, check out these other incredible red wines:

Merlot – Probably the best value in the valley because in a blind tasting, Napa Merlot is often mistaken for Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pinot Noir – This variety grows well in the cooler spots in Napa such as Los Carneros. Expect perfumed aromas of red fruits and spices.

Zinfandel – You'll be delighted by the unexpected minerality and smokiness in this red wine. And, several of these wines come from Napa Valley's oldest vineyards.

Petite Sirah – If boldness is your game, Petite Sirah does not disappoint. These are some of the biggest wines – there's nothing "petite" about them! Old vines abound.

Looking for Napa Valley white wines? Chardonnay is Napa Valley's mainstay white wine variety. It's made in a myriad of styles (including sparkling wines!), but the most popular style is rich, buttery, and spiced from toasted oak.

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Here are two more Napa white wines you deserve to seek out:

Sauvignon Blanc – Sometimes referred to as "Fumé Blanc," Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc offers stone fruit aromas with a rich texture on the palate – sometimes with creamy, spiced oak flavors.

Sémillon – the counterpart of Sauvignon Blanc (and often blended together) this wine has an almost oily or waxy mid-palate with lean aromas of lime zest and beeswax.

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Most Popular
720 Wines274 Wineries

Cabernet Sauvignon

187 Wines117 Wineries


137 Wines85 Wineries

Red Blend

121 Wines85 Wineries


112 Wines94 Wineries

Sauvignon Blanc

78 Wines46 Wineries

Pinot Noir

More Rare
68 Wines43 Wineries


63 Wines52 Wineries

Cabernet Franc

48 Wines37 Wineries


47 Wines37 Wineries

Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

43 Wines36 Wineries

Petite Sirah

36 Wines33 Wineries


34 Wines15 Wineries


23 Wines17 Wineries


21 Wines20 Wineries

Merlot Blend

19 Wines14 Wineries


18 Wines17 Wineries

Petit Verdot

16 Wines15 Wineries

White Blend

12 Wines11 Wineries


10 Wines8 Wineries


9 Wines9 Wineries


8 Wines8 Wineries


7 Wines7 Wineries

Sauvignon Blanc Blend

7 Wines6 Wineries

Chenin Blanc

7 Wines6 Wineries

Pinot Grigio

7 Wines7 Wineries

Cabernet Franc Blend

7 Wines6 Wineries


6 Wines6 Wineries


5 Wines4 Wineries

Malbec Blend

4 Wines4 Wineries

Zinfandel Blend

4 Wines4 Wineries


4 Wines4 Wineries

Syrah Blend

3 Wines3 Wineries


3 Wines3 Wineries

Sangiovese Blend

3 Wines3 Wineries


3 Wines2 Wineries


3 Wines3 Wineries

Petit Verdot Blend

2 Wines2 Wineries

Sémillon Blend

2 Wines2 Wineries


2 Wines2 Wineries

Gruner Veltliner

2 Wines2 Wineries

Pinot Noir Blend

2 Wines2 Wineries

Merlot-Syrah Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries

Tinta Cão Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries

Greco Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries

Grenache Blanc

1 Wines1 Wineries

Grenache Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries

Cabernet Foch

1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries

Ribolla Gialla

1 Wines1 Wineries

Nero d'Avola

1 Wines1 Wineries

Merlot-Petit Verdot Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries

Grenache Blanc Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries

Mourvèdre Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries

Charbono Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries

St. Laurent Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries

Syrah-Grenache Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries


1 Wines1 Wineries

Chenin Blanc Blend

1 Wines1 Wineries

Malbec-Merlot Blend