Complex layers showcase blueberry, cola
and aromas with a broad, round, soft and approachable texture.


Further rewards of huckleberry, bright black cherry,
pomegranate, reveal its ripe and balanced character

Growing Conditions

This harvest was one of the earliest on record in Napa Valley. The season started out with unseasonably warm temperatures
in the late winter and early spring, resulting in an early bud break and bloom. Cool temperatures in May during flowering
caused uneven fruit set which handed out a much smaller crop in 2015. Heat and rain drove a fast and furious harvest in our
vineyards and even though the yields were low, the concentration of flavors was phenomenal.


The grapes were harvested throughout the month of October.


All fermentations were conducted in small, two ton fermenters
filled by gravity. A 48-hour cold soak period preceded a warm fermentation peaking at 90°F. The fermenters were punched
3 to 4 times a day during the fermentation period. After fermentation was complete, the grapes were kept in contact with the
wine for a variable number of days lengthening the finish to extract the best phenolic structure from the fruit and avoid the
harsher, late-extracted tannins.


Forward and flashy, the 2015 Barre Azure has its juicy, lush fruit on full display.