cherry, cinnamon, plum, cedar,
chocolate, and clove.


Chocolate covered cherries and coffee beans, fine cocoa powder.

Growing Conditions

A warm, dry spring brought early bud break, helped with canopy vigor and berry size
and created ideal conditions for flowering and fruit set under sunny skies.
Temperatures were consistently in the zone for optimal vine activity, resulting in
notably healthy vines as fruit went through veraison and started ripening. The cooler,
sunny weather throughout October allowed the final grapes still on the vine to linger
longer, developing more phenolic and flavor maturities with sugar levels remaining
steady. This vintage allowed vintners to pick exactly what they wanted, when they
wanted, at perfect ripeness and ideal hang time. Winemakers from around the valley
agree the 2013 vintage holds exceptional promise and potential and exceeded
expectations following on the heels of 2012


The Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc lots were co-fermented while
the Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot were separated into another lot. The
two lots went through a 5 day cold soak and 30 day extended maceration to
maximize color and tannin extraction. The wine was barreled down in
two lots to 100% French oak barrels, with 75% of it being new oak.


100% French oak barrels, with 75% of it being new oak.

Food Pairing

coffee encrusted Prime Filet with a square of peppercorn butter to melt on top.