Growing Conditions

The 2014 vintage was early and excellent! Although rainfall levels for the ’13-’14 winter were some of the lowest on record, the timing of the spring rains in early 2014 were at the perfect time to give the vines a drink during bloom and set. A moderately cool late spring and summer allowed the hang time of the fruit to develop amazing flavor and aroma in the fruit and juice. An early kick off to the harvest and even weather allowed us to enjoy another great vintage. The combination of Pinot noir, Sangiovese and Merlot make a delicious blend for this Rosato. The cool climate Pinot noir provides great cherry fruit while Sangiovese adds a great depth of fresh strawberry and watermelon and Merlot contributes depth and texture. It is the art involved with winemaking that enables winemakers to produce great blends from three distinct varietals.


The grapes were all hand-picked and sorted prior to destemming at the winery. The must was then allowed contact with the skins for less than 24 hours prior to draining between 5-15% of the juice content into a small tank for fermentation. The resultant red wine is more powerful, having a higher skin to juice ratio and the light pink juice that is “bled” or is the “saignee” is fermented cold and long, which retains the beautiful fruit aromas and flavors that are described above.

Food Pairing

Pair this Rosato with Seared Ahi Tuna, Duck Confit Salad, Brie Cheese and San Francisco Sourdough bread or enjoy on its’ own.