Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

89 Wines from 67 Wineries

Lamborn Family Vineyards 2200' Lamborn Cabernet Blend Bottle Preview
Lamborn Family Vineyards2200' Lamborn Cabernet Blend

Ackerman Family Vineyards Alavigna Tosca Bottle Preview
Ackerman Family VineyardsAlavigna Tosca

David Arthur Vineyards ANNALYCE ROSÉ Bottle Preview
David Arthur VineyardsANNALYCE ROSÉ

Arietta Wine Arietta Claret Bottle Preview
Arietta WineArietta Claret

Arietta Wine Arietta Red Wine Bottle Preview
Arietta WineArietta Red Wine

Viader Vineyards & Winery "Black Label" Bottle Preview
Viader Vineyards & Winery"Black Label"

B Cellars Vineyard and Winery Blend 25 Bottle Preview
B Cellars Vineyard and WineryBlend 25

B Cellars Vineyard and Winery Blend 26 Bottle Preview
B Cellars Vineyard and WineryBlend 26

Behrens Family Winery Blender Boy Bottle Preview
Behrens Family WineryBlender Boy

Hourglass Wine Co. Blueline Estate 36-24-36 Bottle Preview
Hourglass Wine Co.Blueline Estate 36-24-36

Cain Vineyard & Winery Cain Concept—The Benchland Bottle Preview
Cain Vineyard & WineryCain Concept—The Benchland

Cain Vineyard & Winery Cain Five Bottle Preview
Cain Vineyard & WineryCain Five

Sequoia Grove Winery Cambium Bottle Preview
Sequoia Grove WineryCambium

Darioush Winery CARAVAN Bottle Preview
Darioush WineryCARAVAN

Ramey Wine Cellars Claret, Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Ramey Wine CellarsClaret, Napa Valley

Continuum Estate Continuum Bottle Preview
Continuum EstateContinuum

Oakville East Exposure Core Stone Red Wine Bottle Preview
Oakville East ExposureCore Stone Red Wine

Kuleto Estate Danielli Bottle Preview
Kuleto EstateDanielli

Schweiger Vineyards Dedication Bottle Preview
Schweiger VineyardsDedication

Priest Ranch Winery Double Barrel Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WineryDouble Barrel

Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards Éloge Bottle Preview
Anderson's Conn Valley VineyardsÉloge

Kapcsandy Family Winery ENDRE Bottle Preview
Kapcsandy Family WineryENDRE

Rutherford Hill Winery Episode Bottle Preview
Rutherford Hill WineryEpisode

Kapcsandy Family Winery ESTATE CUVEE Bottle Preview
Kapcsandy Family WineryESTATE CUVEE

Porter Family Vineyards Family Blend Bottle Preview
Porter Family VineyardsFamily Blend

Behrens Family Winery Farewell Cuvee Bottle Preview
Behrens Family WineryFarewell Cuvee

Behrens Family Winery Fat Boy Bottle Preview
Behrens Family WineryFat Boy

Storybook Mountain Vineyards Four Reds Bottle Preview
Storybook Mountain VineyardsFour Reds

Guarachi Family Wines G Bottle Preview
Guarachi Family WinesG

O'Connell Family Wines Gabrielle Limited Elle Bottle Preview
O'Connell Family WinesGabrielle Limited Elle

Gemstone Vineyard GEMSTONE ESTATE RED WINE Bottle Preview

Handwritten Wines Handwritten 'Three Words' Bottle Preview
Handwritten WinesHandwritten 'Three Words'

Flora Springs Winery & Vineyards Holiday Blend - Toy Soldier Bottle Preview
Flora Springs Winery & VineyardsHoliday Blend - Toy Soldier

Laird Family Estate Jillian's Blend Bottle Preview
Laird Family EstateJillian's Blend

Chappellet Vineyard Las Piedras Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardLas Piedras

Paoletti Estates Winery Lilia's Il Sogno Non Plus Ultra Bottle Preview
Paoletti Estates WineryLilia's Il Sogno Non Plus Ultra

Larkmead Vineyards LMV Salon Bottle Preview
Larkmead VineyardsLMV Salon

Marciano Estate Massiglia Red Wine Bottle Preview
Marciano EstateMassiglia Red Wine

Grand Napa Vineyards MASTER RED OAKVILLE Bottle Preview

Bennett Lane Winery Maximus Napa Valley Bottle Preview
Bennett Lane WineryMaximus Napa Valley

pureCru Wines M. Coz Bottle Preview
pureCru WinesM. Coz

Seavey Vineyard Mimi’s Rosé Bottle Preview
Seavey VineyardMimi’s Rosé

Tuck Beckstoffer Wines Mockingbird Red Bottle Preview
Tuck Beckstoffer WinesMockingbird Red

The Hess Collection Winery Mount Veeder Collectors Cuvée Bottle Preview
The Hess Collection WineryMount Veeder Collectors Cuvée

Schermeister Cellars Napa Valley Red Wine Bottle Preview
Schermeister CellarsNapa Valley Red Wine

Peter Franus Wine Company Napa Valley Red Wine (Cabernet Blend) Bottle Preview
Peter Franus Wine CompanyNapa Valley Red Wine (Cabernet Blend)

Reynolds Family Winery Naughty Racy Bottle Preview
Reynolds Family WineryNaughty Racy

Continuum Estate Novicium Bottle Preview
Continuum EstateNovicium

Paoletti Estates Winery Orchard Cuvee Bottle Preview
Paoletti Estates WineryOrchard Cuvee

Palmaz Vineyards Palmaz Vineyards Rosé Bottle Preview
Palmaz VineyardsPalmaz Vineyards Rosé

V. Sattui Winery Paradiso Bottle Preview
V. Sattui WineryParadiso

Regusci Winery Patriarch Red Wine Bottle Preview
Regusci WineryPatriarch Red Wine

Reynolds Family Winery Persistence Red Blend Bottle Preview
Reynolds Family WineryPersistence Red Blend

Paoletti Estates Winery Piccolo Cru Bottle Preview
Paoletti Estates WineryPiccolo Cru

Viader Vineyards & Winery Proprietary Red Blend Bottle Preview
Viader Vineyards & WineryProprietary Red Blend

Round Pond Estate Proprietary Red Wine Bottle Preview
Round Pond EstateProprietary Red Wine

Round Pond Estate Proprietary Super Tuscan Bottle Preview
Round Pond EstateProprietary Super Tuscan

Bell Wine Cellars Red Blend Bottle Preview
Bell Wine CellarsRed Blend

Barlow Vineyards Rose Bottle Preview
Barlow VineyardsRose

Pine Ridge Vineyards Rosé Bottle Preview
Pine Ridge VineyardsRosé

Gamble Family Vineyards Rosé Wine Bottle Preview
Gamble Family VineyardsRosé Wine

Inglenook Rubicon Bottle Preview

Porter Family Vineyards Sandpiper Red Bottle Preview
Porter Family VineyardsSandpiper Red

Staglin Family Vineyard Staglin Family Vineyard INEO Bottle Preview
Staglin Family VineyardStaglin Family Vineyard INEO

Krupp Brothers Synchrony Bottle Preview
Krupp BrothersSynchrony

Taken Wine Company Taken Bottle Preview
Taken Wine CompanyTaken

Behrens Family Winery The ChangeUp Bottle Preview
Behrens Family WineryThe ChangeUp

Bell Wine Cellars The Scoundrel Bottle Preview
Bell Wine CellarsThe Scoundrel

Thomas-Hsi Vineyards THV Proprietary Red Wine Bottle Preview
Thomas-Hsi VineyardsTHV Proprietary Red Wine

Axios Wine Truth Red Blend Bottle Preview
Axios WineTruth Red Blend