High-toned, energetic and red, the 2015 Booth Salus is a refreshing composition of redcurrant and early season black cherries overlaid with an intriguing interplay of powdered turmeric, just-ground coffee beans and twisted spearmint.


The composed and punchy palate of menthol-lifted cherry, blackberry and cassis undulates along a bed of crushed rock, dusty levees and sinuously curved, forest-lined roads. Resonant and tactile with a touch of cut and grip, this wine will appreciate a bit of air and broaden with a stroke of time.

Growing Conditions

2015 was yet another superb growing season despite some of the challenges we faced with periods of high heat and low humidity. Another warm and dry winter lead to what is becoming the normal ‘early’ budbreak which was primed and boosted by fortuitously timed February rains. The return to warm and dry early spring pushed us through flower and fruit set before the cool spell that affected others, so we saw healthy and normal yields. Then the heat train returned and was indeed full steam ahead throughout the summer, accelerating ripeness and maturity to give us the earliest harvest in the last 12 years.


19 months
100% French: 87% New, 13% Used