This vintage rewarded us with delicious Sauvignon Blanc grapes that featured
distinctive nose and palate offering layers of stone fruit, pineapple and melon, as
well as floral notes of citrus blossom, star jasmine and guava.


The entry is mouth filling and generous, then becomes more structured and focused. The
mouthwatering finish shows off refreshing layers of mixed citrus and melon. This dry wine is full of sweet fruit flavors.

Growing Conditions

The third consecutive cool and late growing season of 2012 was perfect for
Sauvignon Blanc. Our dry winter ended with moderate rain fall in March, giving
us a long growing season and also led to richer flavor development. We opened
the vine canopies to ensure sunlight, warmth and good air circulation around the
grape clusters. The night harvested grapes retained their enticing aromas and
naturally pleasing acidity all the way to the bottle. We were rewarded with
delicious Sauvignon Blanc grapes that featured distinctive stone fruit flavors and
aromas, including peach, pear, and apricot, not previously prominent in grapes
from our vineyard


100% Stainless Steel Cold Fermentation

Food Pairing

Classic pairings include crab cakes, grilled salmon, goat cheese, bruschetta, and
margarita pizza.