It pumps out classic Pinot Noir aromas of ripe red plums, dried orange rind, and something herbal and sweet like fennel or tarragon.


The mouth is firm and juicy.

Growing Conditions

Like vintage 2012, vintage 2013 it was ‘perfect’ by nearly all grape-growing standards in that yields were slightly above average, the weather was evenly warm, and fruit moved toward ideal ripeness without the fits and starts of the preceding two vintages. This produced wines with tremendous fruit flavors and textural depth.
Over the years, we’ve learned to treat our Pinot Noir like we think one should. That is, to not pick it too ripe despite the warmer growing conditions, and to try and capture the best aroma we can without worrying about color. The grapes were destemmed into a small open-top fermenter and fermented cool to avoid harsh tannin pickup. Punch-downs were kept to a minimum and press wine was not included for the same reason.


19 months in 50% new French oak


Despite not concerning ourselves with the color, our 2013 is a beautiful deep ruby.