Dark blue-black fruit aromas tangle with those of darkly charred wood and blackened meat. It’s very primal smelling.


In the mouth, it lunges straight to the mid-palate then lurks under the tongue and coats the sides.

Growing Conditions

Vintage 2012 was considered ‘perfect’ by the prognosticators as soon as the last grapes were making their way to the wineries. It was perfect in the sense that quality and quantity benefited both grower and winemaker. The weather cooperated throughout all critical parts of the growing season to produce beautifully ripe and flavorful fruit.
Wine lots and barrels selected for our ‘El Coyote’ Cabernet Sauvignon don’t necessarily come from a particular spot on the estate ( à la Vineyard Designate), but rather share common flavor and structural attributes that highlight the dark, meaty, rich, black fruit aspects of the variety. To further highlight these characters, we often co-ferment with varieties that share these same qualities. You’ll notice that there is a small percentage of Syrah in our 2012. This is the result of one piece of the final blend that captured the best synergy of the two varieties. The 2012 ‘El Coyote’ Cabernet is about all things dark and powerful in a red wine. If you like your Cabernet big, flavorful, and chewy, this is the one for you from the 2012 vintage.


27 months in 56% new oak (80/20 French/American)