The mouth is sleek and smooth upon entry with its silken tannins. After just a slight delay, it revs up to full alcohol volume and speeds down the palate to a very distant acidic focal point.

Growing Conditions

Like vintage 2012, vintage 2013 it was ‘perfect’ by nearly all grape-growing standards in that yields were slightly above average, the weather was evenly warm, and fruit moved toward ideal ripeness without the fits and starts of the preceding two vintages. This produced wines with tremendous fruit flavors and textural depth. If you’re wondering if we in the Napa Valley ever tire of ‘perfect’ vintages, the answer is “not at all”. Wine lots and barrels selected for our Villa Vista Cabernet Sauvignon don’t necessarily come from a particular spot on the estate (à la Vineyard Designate), but rather share common flavor and structural attributes that highlight bright red fruit and a balance of sweet and savory spice aromas. Certain lots are pushed further in the desired flavor and structural profile by co-fermenting with other varieties
Our 2013 Villa Vista, while made in the Napa Valley, wishes it had been born in Italy. It oozes all things red, racy, and beautiful - red cherries, red lipstick, red roses, and perhaps even the interior of a brand new red Ferrari. Certainly the co-fermented lot gave it some of the accessories normally associated with an Italian wine, but the Cabernet core was already long down that road before it was blended.


25 months in 33% new French oak