bouquet of
apricot and white peach.


The refreshing flavors of lemon/lime, melon and pineapple
fill the mouth and linger.

Growing Conditions

The 2011 growing season in the North Willamette Valley was cool and very long. The
harvest was one of the latest on record with growers and vintners nervously watching
the sky. Perfect weather at flowering caused the vines to set a very large crop, but
cool, cloudy weather in late spring and early summer slowed ripening. Heat
accumulation over the season was one of the lowest in decades. Many growers
thinned the crop significantly to encourage ripening of remaining bunches, but
potential yields were still 50 to 100 percent larger than normal. The good news is that
the long hang time in the vineyard produced wonderful flavors.


100% Stainless steel

Food Pairing

This crisp and fruity wine is a delicious accompaniment to
Asian dishes