Chiles Valley

Chiles Valley Wines to Know

For the serious aficionado of Zinfandel, Chiles Valley has been noted to make some of the most expressive and singular examples of Zinfandel on the planet. But you can't miss the Merlot, with rich dark fruit flavors and textures on par with Cabernet.

Terraced vineyards at Green and Red Vineyard in Chiles Valley

Notable Vineyards (and Wineries) in Chiles Valley

Despite being a mere 20 minutes from the center of busy Rutherford, Chiles Valley feels a world away. There are just a few producers here nestled into the Vaca Mountains, and each has carved a special niche for their wines.

Brown Estate is the first black-owned winery and has world renown for heady, terroir-driven Zinfandel wines. There is always a crowd around their spot at ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) Festival.

Green & Red Vineyard has steep, terraced vineyards that go up to 1800 feet. The winery focuses on Zinfandel, Syrah, and Petite Sirah which are shockingly affordable given their amazing quality.

Volker Eisele Family Estate was one of the first vineyards in Napa Valley to go fully organic, starting in 1974.

Of course, you'll need to read up on all the wineries here to learn more. There's lots to discover in this hidden valley.

Chiles Valley Facts

  • Chiles Valley is named after Joseph Chiles, a Kentucky born pioneer who was granted most of the area by the Mexican government in 1844.
  • Chiles Valley AVA was established in February, 1999.
  • The Chiles Valley AVA has a total size of 6,000 acres with 881 acres of vineyards.
Selected Chiles Valley Wineries