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A brief history

Maroon Wines embodies Napa Valley and what it has represented since its inception as an American Eden - we are farmers and grape growers, first and foremost.
Our legacy is rooted in supporting our fellow neighbors and friends.

All of Maroon Wines are grown or sourced from small family farms, from single vineyards and are 100% varietals.

Maroon Wines are produced with the pure simplicity that represents Mother Nature and each year's vintage.

100% Napa. 100% Authentic.
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Established in 2009

3565 Hagen Road
United States, California


Meet The Team

  • Renee Maroon

    Paul Maroon shared that the “best decision he made in his whole life” was to marry Renée. They shared a unique partnership that was based upon their deep respect for one another’s one-of-a kind personality, their common love of entertaining, and the joy of sharing their beautiful estate as well as their wines.

    ​Renée is dedicated to honoring Paul's legacy with the continued production of Maroon Wines, supporting Napa Valley's family farms, and advocating for several industry organizations.

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  • Chris Corley

    Chris Corley has been the winemaker of Maroon Wines since our first vintage, and worked with Paul Maroon for 20 years. Chris and his brothers own Corley Family Napa Valley Wines, and he is the winemaker for the brands under this winery’s umbrella: Monticello Vineyards and Corley. Chris’s philosophy to winemaking is to introduce as little manipulation as possible from grape to bottle, and his wines have consistently scored dozens of 90+ ratings each year. He is also leading winemaking projects in both Mexico and Taiwan.

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