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For us our wine represents a cycle that renews in the spring with the pruning away of last year’s growth and the beginning of bud break. As we nurture and care for the vines, many decisions; shoot thinning, shoot positioning, leaf removal, crop removal, and irrigation along with what Mother Nature provides determines what harvest will bring. We use our experience and our craft to make each wine singular, something that we our proud of, and that speaks of the vintage, the grape, the place and of us.
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The Terraces Sparkling Apple Cider Bottle Preview
The TerracesSparkling Apple Cider

When we started to play around with hard cider from our existing orchards several years ago, we determined that more "cider" apple trees would be required to create something great, so we've been hard at work planting dozens of heritage trees to improve our blend. These young trees are now coming into production and add layers of different aromas and flavors, as well as increasing our production so that we can finally release a cider commercially. We can't wait to share our creation with you! The Terraces Sparkling Hard Cider has a pale straw hue, with inviting aromas of fresh crisp apples & light citrus notes that jump from the glass. The palate highlights the complexity of heritage cider apples while showcasing crisp acidity, a long lasting creamy texture and a dry finish. Produced in the style of very dry fine sparkling wine, this cider is in fact more like a fine Champagne than any cider we have tasted.