This wine is highly scented and very distinguishable.


The taste of our Muscat is more like fruit juice than wine.

Growing Conditions

There's a very sensual allure about our Muscat dessert wine. Our Muscat is related to the Moscato made in the northern Italian province of Piedmonte in the Asti area where Moscato di Canelli is the grape used. The taste of our Muscat is more like fruit juice than wine, for it is grown in a warmer area than the Italian version; and, despite being picked at higher sugars, the natural sugar is only partially fermented into wine (only about 10% alcohol), leaving a high residual grape sugar of about 7%.


We are able to capture intense fruitiness by picking the grapes a little riper than our Rieslings or Gamay, then cold-fermenting the wine at approximately 50 degrees while adjusting the acid upward with tartaric when necessary to obtain the desired sugar/acid balance. After serveral rackings for clarification, cold and heat stabilization and filtration prior to bottling, we released the wine almost immediately, while it is fresh and fruity.