Solera-made, wood-aged wine, fortified with brandy. Our Solera is over 120 years old, one of the oldest in the U.S. The wine is sweet and luscious with flavors of almonds, caramel, toffee and orange zest. Our Madeira is a rich, smooth and nutty after-dinner wine that belies the complex method of preparation that goes into making it. Its blend of ancient port, rich Zinfandel and fine brandy gives it a sweet hazelnut, burnt-caramel flavor that is both intriguing and haunting. Many people who favor great ports and sherries know us solely for this single wine.

Although our Madeira will age, often up to several years in perfect cellar conditions, we recommend it be consumed within 1-3 years after opening. Store it upright in our cupboard like you would a spirit.


The solera process is an ingenious system of fractional blending perfected by the Spanish to ensure consistent quality, based on the fact that old wines can be refreshed by the addition of a younger wine, which then acquires the characteristics of the old wine. We begin with now what is now a 107-year-old vintage port, a lasting vestige from Vittorio Sattui's original winery, as the mother, or master-blend. We then fashion primary, secondary and tertiary blends (criaderas), using varying ages of Zinfandel the oldest is more than 35 years old and add a little back to the mother to keep it alive, much like sourdough breadmaking.