Sweetly scented with cherry fruit and notes of clove and cinnamon. Tasty oak and cinnamon bouquet with a hint of cola and delicate black cherry and black raspberry aromas in the nose.


Our estate-grown Pinot Noir from our cool Carneros vineyard at Hibbard Ranch is deeply flavored and complex. This is a seductive, soft texture delivering fruit-forward, bright red Bing cherry/berry flavor wine, leading to a round and supple lingering fruit finish.

Growing Conditions

Pinot Noir, the grape in France's esteemed red Burgundies, manages to humble vintners year after year. In the wrong site, it yields insipid wines that lack aroma, color and flavor. In the right site, it can make wines with the perfume of sun-warmed raspberries and a texture of a baby in velvet pajamas. Not much separates our 556-acre Hibbard Ranch, in the southern Napa Valley, from San Pablo Bay but a 700-foot hill. So there is massive maritime intrusion everyday which creates a perfect climate for Pinot Noir. Here the grapes grow in a low spot along Carneros Creek, which provides further tempering as the cool night air lingers longer into our warm days. The area's longer growning season allows the fruit to hang on the vine longer, typically until mid-September until the grapes aren't just technically mature but are actually fully ripe. This combination makes for a very Burgundian Pinot Noir.


8/29/16 - 9/21/16


Deep ruby color.