Bright, fruity and refreshing this is a perfect summer time favorite bursting with juicy flavors of ripe strawberry, crisp tart cherry and cranberry.

Fruit flavors and relatively high acids are balanced by a slight natural sweetness derived from the juice of the grapes.


We pick at lower sugars and higher acids to preserve the fruitiness of the grapes, then allow the skins to remain on the must (juice) for approximately three days to extract more color and flavor before fermenting at a very cool temperature, about 52 degrees, to retain more of the wine's natural fruitiness. Next we stop the fermentation by quickly chilling the wine before it is completely dry, in order to leave a little of the natural grape sugar to balance the higher acid. Finally, we give the wine a light filtration and bottle it when it is only four or five months old in an effort to capture the freshest, fruitiest aromas and flavors possible.