Dark chocolate and plum dominate the aromas. Hints of coca powder blend seamlessly with the tobacco and leather undertones.


With a rich, and coating texture the palate is not to be outdone. Sweet vanilla and dark cherry enhance the volume and structure that envelopes the mouth.

Growing Conditions

An excellent vintage, with quality along the lines of the heralded 2012 and 2013 seasons. "Early" was the key word all season, from bud break to veraison to harvest. A good helping of rain in late February and early March relieved most of the stress and set up the vines for a vigorous start.

Everything was ready to go by mid-to-late August, including some of our younger Cabernet Sauvignon which usually ripens later in September. The typically warmer months avoided day time temperatures exceeding 100F, keeping mainly to the 90’s, perfect conditions for Cabernet Sauvignon to cruise along during ripening.


20 Months