The 2001 Merlot offers fresh fruit and floral aromas of cherries, violets, truffles and spice.


Integrated and structured with a medium body, it is a beautiful example of the power of Seavey Merlots to age gracefully.

Growing Conditions

Seavey’s eighth estate-produced Merlot, the 2001, was made from 100% Merlot grapes grown at several different elevations of the vineyard. This year’s growing season was a bit of a roller coaster with an early spring, a surprise frost and early heat spikes. But the weather evened out and August cooled to near perfect temperatures with cool nights. The grapes were harvested during the first three weeks of October at optimal ripenesss of sugar (24.5 degrees Brix) and tannins, and with concentrated fruit flavors.


June 2003


Winemaking style followed classic Bordeaux methods.


18 months 100% French Oak (45% new)