It opens with a
fresh, floral nose with bright citrus notes and balanced
with a touch of vanilla.


With a crisp mouthfeel, this
wine displays a nicely balanced acidity and culminates
with a smooth finish that makes it the perfect pairing
with a variety of dishes.

Growing Conditions

The 2016 vintage across California was a near-perfect
growing season. A mild winter and spring led to a
steady mild July and August, followed by warm days at
the end of the season for the perfect ripeness. With
warm days and cool nights in the summer, grape
growers were able to maintain ideal acid levels with
balanced, concentrated fruit flavors.


Our 2016 R Collection Chardonnay is an exquisitely
balanced and crisp Chardonnay primarily fermented in
stainless steel tanks and only a very small amount of
oak, providing a nice alternative to the heavier oaked
Chardonnays. It also underwent a partial malolactic
fermentation which develops a gentle creaminess but
also retains some acidity for freshness.