This wine opens with rich
aromas of black tea and tobacco with notes of black cherries.


Jammy flavors of blackberry, cassis and plum are balanced with
an earthy characteristic. This soft, approachable wine has a
plush mid-palate and a lingering finish.

Growing Conditions

Our 2016 Family Classic California Cabernet Sauvignon pays
homage to the Raymond family’s five generation tradition of
sharing their love of winemaking.

The 2016 vintage across California was a near-perfect growing
season. A mild winter and spring led to a steady mild July and
August, followed by warm days at the end of the season for the
perfect ripeness. With warm days and cool nights in the
summer, grape growers were able to maintain ideal acid levels
with balanced, concentrated fruit flavors.


We used Cabernet grapes from three unique appellations,
resulting in a fun and diverse wine to make. The blend is
comprised of fruit from select vineyards from the best regions
in California. Fruit from warmer climates that are also exposed
to cooling breezes help the grapes retain some of their acidity
for vibrancy and freshness. Small amounts of Petit Verdot,
Petite Sirah and Merlot were added before bottling to provide
depth & structure to the final blend


Majority stainless steel tanks, some new oak.