Our 2015 R Collection Merlot opens with alluring
aromas of plums, cherries and delicate floral notes
of Violet.


In the glass, this plush Merlot offers
flavors of wild strawberries and hints of earthiness
with well-structured tannins and a long, satisfying

Growing Conditions

The R Collection Merlot is sourced from the finest
vineyards throughout California, with each area
adding a unique layer into the overall taste profile.
Minimally intrusive winemaking techniques allow
the true California terroir to shine through in every
glass poured and bottle enjoyed.

The 2015 vintage across California was one of the
earliest harvested vintages in history. Colder
temperatures in May caused uneven fruit set which
resulted in a lower than average yield. Winemakers
worked together with vineyard crews to ensure only
the highest quality grapes were picked and crushed.
Harvest began at the end of July and most growers
were finished by mid-October.


It was stainless steel fermented and
underwent “early pressing” to capture greater fruit