There it is, that unmistakable Brandlin terroir: complex
aromas of raspberry-blueberry-boysenberry are made more intriguing by mineral notes.


True to the Brandlin
character of taking a little time to express itself, the wine continues to open as it invites you back for another sniff,
another taste, to explore what else is there. am pleased to be able to call this wine lively, refreshing, and elegant, words rarely used in describing
Zinfandel, but further testimony to what a unique vineyard Brandlin truly is.

Growing Conditions

I would have to say that the 2001 Brandlin stylistically takes us to Bordeaux, and when compared to other
Brandlin vintages, most resembles the 1997. As I look back on my winemaking notes, although more intuitive than
intentional, it looks like I treated the wine similarly to how I make my Cabernet. The result is a structure and
character away from the super-ripe sweet style, which I think unfortunately is hurting the reputation of Zinfandel.
This is a wine that does beg for food.


Bottling Date: February 28, 2003.


Fermentation: 15 days, peak temperature 85º
Maceration: 34 days total, before pressing.


15 months in 100% French “Burgundy coopers”, 33% new.


The deep ruby color invites you to take in the nose.