Aromas that slowly reveal their charm. There is a character unique
to the vineyard that sets itself apart from all others. I have worked with these grapes since 1991, and there is an
elusive quality that always intrigues-- --red raspberry, rose petal, lavender, white pepper, clove, ginger, and anise.


A gentle entry with good acidity sustains the palate and announces, wine can be both fun and delicious!

Growing Conditions

After three challenging vintages, we were rewarded in 2012. Sunshine and a warm dry spring gave way to mild
and ideal growing conditions through the summer. Not only did this result in high quality grapes, but an abundant
supply as well. It was a welcome relief to this veteran winemaker who has experienced more than 30 harvests in
Napa Valley.


Bottling Date: March 10, 2014 .


We ferment our Zinfandels at temperatures slightly lower than those for Bordeaux reds to accentuate the zesty
and forward fruit character of the variety.

Fermentation: 12 days, peak temperature 84º


Aging exclusively in Burgundian French oak barrels adds complexity as
well as refinement to the wine.

16 months in 100% French Oak, 35% new “Burgundian Coopers”.


The 2012 Brandlin is medium dark ruby,