A distinctive mineral, bay, allspice,
cinnamon, and blackberry nose.


Thick buttered toast with plenty of blackberry preserves. I also suggest you get out the
stopwatch for the lengthy finish on this one. There is still an amazing youthful exuberance and liveliness in a wine nearly two
and a half years old.

Growing Conditions

Harvest began early in 2004, with a smaller than average crop. Is it coincidence that wines from the “even years”
seem to be rounder and fatter while those from the odd are more angular and firmer? Such is the case with 04, more akin in
mouth-feel to the enormously popular 2002 Brandlin.


Bottling Date: April 13, 2006.


Fermentation: 84º
Maceration: 24 days


17 months in 100% French Oak, 40% new “Burgundian Coopers”.


A brilliant dark ruby hue.