Cellar this wine for at
least a year and decant for three hours if enjoying it
young. The 2013 Ovid Loc. Cit. will evolve and age
gracefully for at least 20-25 years

Growing Conditions

term used in footnotes, Loc. Cit. is an abbreviation of the of the Latin phrase Loco Citato, which menas “in the place cited” or “from the same place.” All Ovid wines come from our estate, and the Loc. Cit. wine comes from a perennially distinctive part of the vineyard. In citing a work, an author credits the originator of an idea. In naming our wine Loc. Cit., we honor and give credit to this particular piece of ground.

Only in some years is there sufficient
fruit for us to make the Loc. Cit. Cabernet
Sauvignon, and the marvelous 2013 vintage
was one such year. Winemaker Austin
Peterson comments: “2013’s unusually early
budbreak coupled with the second year of
drought meant that our vines had to struggle
throughout the growing season–that continual
striving produced wines of great
richness, intensity and distinction.”

100% Cabernet
Sauvignon from
our estate vineyard,
densely planted with
2200 vines per acre.