Notes of vibrant pomegranate, forest floor,
BLACKBERRIES & blueberries combine with touches of violet, SAGE
and mocha to create this SUMPTUOUS wine with exceptional balance.
The 2013 Hexameter wine is deliciously approachable now
with DECANTING and will continue to tell the story of its VINTAGE
& VINEYARD for many years to come.

Growing Conditions

Hexameter is the meter that Ovid used in his greatest poem: Metamorphoses. This form of verse is uniquely suited to the telling of long and inspiring tales that stand the test of time. We aim to recreate these qualities in the Hexameter wine, featuring our Pritchard Hill estate’s most profound and compelling Cabernet Franc as its core. Hexameter is only available in some years — when the vines and stars align.

2013 was a year of REMARKABLE ALIGNMENT – with an early and
dry budbreak and set, and a warm, seamless growing season. This RARE and beautiful alignment is readily apparent in the opulent
and expressive 2013 HEXAMETER wine.


The 2013 harvest was IMPECCABLE too -- yielding expressive & utterly
ripe fruit from each grape varietal in our vineyard.