This wine is classic Cabernet Sauvignon with the estate distinction: Bright red berry fruits, a touch of earthiness, vanilla, and thyme with a lovely long finish. The aromatics are deep and lively. Drinkable summer 2017. Age worthy 20+ years with good cellar conditions.

Growing Conditions

EQUILATERAL expresses the balanced triangle of the wine experience: beautiful aromas…a rich mid-palette of complex fruitiness playing against elegantly structured tannins…a lingering finish. The perfect triangle- Equilateral- symbolizes Gabrielle ideal. Another textbook growing season with ideal spring bud break, steady flowering, even fruit set, warm days, cool nights during summer and a nice crop size. The rains held off until the grapes found optimal ripeness and exceptional quality.

Select barrels from O’Connell Family Vineyard Estate Creek Block, Olive Block and Apple Block were blended until beautiful elegance prevailed.


Barrel aged in new and once used French Oak for approximately 4 years.

Food Pairing

Grilled lamb finished with lavender honey, Dijon mustard and fresh thyme; mild wild game meats; filet mignon brushed with savory olive oil, accented with GC Napa Valley Cabernet Sea Salt and Lavender Tellicherry Pepper; grilled Portobello mushrooms.