Cuvée M Red has
a gorgeous red wine nose of cassis, red plums and
elderberries with hints of tobacco and cardamom.

Growing Conditions

Achieving the correct balance between the depth and
richness of a complex red wine and the elegant méthode
traditionelle requires exceptional grapes and winemaking
artistry. Cuvée M Red is one of our most requested
winery exclusive releases.


To create the Cuvée M Red, a five-day whole
berry cold soak extracts fresh fruit and red berry flavors
as well as deep colors before fermentation begins. After
fermentation, wine is quickly pressed off the skins to
avoid overextraction of harsh tannins. The red wine
completes fermentation in French oak, adding spice
and structure. To achieve the wine’s sparkling
transformation, the red wines become part of a “tirage” -
a blend of the base wine, yeasts and sugar – then are
bottled for the secondary fermentation. The wine is
disgorged with a Syrah-based liquor dosage, which
brightens the black berry and smoky spice tones.


A deep, dark ruby in the glass.

Food Pairing

Wildly versatile, Cuvée M Red is fantastic for
pairing with anything from BBQ to a holiday hors
d’oeuvres spread.