Aromas of ripe golden apples, citrus, pear, peach, white
plums and apricot, as well as a hint of tropical fruits like
mango and banana. Floral tones of jasmine, honeysuckle,
acacia and orange blossoms complement the complex and
elegant nose of this wine.


10 months of barrel aging adds a
layer of light bread toast, hazelnut and coconut flavors. In
the mouth, it is dense, oily and powerful with a rich and
slightly creamy texture. The finish is long and lush, with a
nice balance of fruit and spices, showing vanilla beans,
hazelnuts, honeysuckle, and baked pear.

Growing Conditions

In 2013 we crafted a wonderful Chardonnay from grapes
farmed in the southern region of the Napa Valley within
the Carneros Appelation. 2013 was the second year in a
row with quality and abundance, which was a blessing
after 3 years of scarcity from 2009 to 2011. Our grapes
reached full maturity with great complexity of flavors and
aromas, while retaining great acidity and balance. This is a
classic and beautiful vintage.


This wine has a vibrant golden yellow color.

Food Pairing

Perfect for a clambake, since it pairs well with
fish, shrimp and other shellfish.