This wine has aromas of crisp red cherry, vanilla, cola, and cloves,
with subtle smoky undertones.


It has surprising acidity supporting
intense flavors of pomegranate and black cherry, and an earthy, longlasting

Growing Conditions

Rolando feels passionately that the Russian River provides one of the
world’s best micro-climates for Pinot Noir. The cool climate allows
for a long growing season and yields rich and concentrated grapes. The 2013 growing season proved to be an excellent year in Napa
Valley. It was slightly warmer than 2012, resulting in an overall earlier
growing season. Lower than normal rainfall paired with moderate
spring weather brought early bud break and bloom. Sunny skies
throughout the summer months led to early veraison and harvest.
Warm daytime temperatures followed by cool nights prior to harvest
produced evenly ripened fruit with ideal hang time.


Once the grapes are destemmed, they are fermented in chilled steel
tanks to preserve the grape’s fresh fruit and juicy flavors. 25 days of
skin contact extract a remarkably rich color and ripe tannins.


45% new French oak for 10 months.


Our Russian River Pinot Noir’s deep ruby color illustrates its depth
and showcases the complexity and richness of the flavors to come.

Food Pairing

The uniquely rich body and deep color of this Pinot Noir calls for
the meaty and earthy flavors of a roasted pork loin and mushroom
risotto. Or, go lighter with grilled salmon and roasted tomatoes.