Alluring aromas of
caramel, apricot, white peach, lemon peel, and green apple are
balanced with subtle minerality


A rich and creamy mouthfeel carries
flavors of apple, custard, and butterscotch. The mid-palate shows
excellent acidity and further notes of jasmine and white chocolate.

Growing Conditions

Named after the color of the soil, the Tierra Blanca vineyard is located
on the Napa side of Los Carneros right up against the San Pablo Bay.
The 2014 vintage is being hailed for its excellent quality and depth of
flavor. It was an early harvest, with many winegrowers starting and
ending a full two weeks ahead of the normal harvest schedule. With
perfect weather and an abundant crop despite the drought, the good
fortune of this season resulted in an amazing vintage.


The key to the unbelievably rich texture of this wine is 10 months of
aging. During this time, the lees (the grapes’ natural yeast) richen the
wine’s body, resulting in a custard-like creaminess. 35% new French oak
for 10 months.


This wine reflects the depth of the vintage with its golden color and
platinum hue.

Food Pairing

This pairs beautifully with a wide range of cheeses, from aged Gouda
to Farmstead Cheddar. It’s also delicious with fish tacos, scallops,
ceviche, and grilled chicken.