Growing Conditions

Night harvesting kept the fruit cool as we sorted in the vineyard and winery. Direct press and Saignée methods allow us to craft a complex rosé wine that retains its freshness and vibrancy. The light salmon color is a result of the minimal skin contact and slow, gradual pressing was used to extract delicate aromas without harsh tannins. Slow, cool fermentations allow the wine to slowly ferment until dry in stainless steel tanks. These two wines are then blended and aged on their fine lees for yet another layer of aromatics before bottling.

An early bud break, one of the longest flowering periods in years, and a long growing season produced a vintage that shines in quality. Spring started fast and the early bloom was followed by cooler temperatures, wind and rains which slowed development and reduced yields. The result was a small crop of well-concentrated fruit that ripened fully and slowly before an early harvest in August.


Light salmon color.

Food Pairing

Brick-cooked chicken, garden vegetables.