Intense perfume of lime, grapefruit, and spice intermixed with fragrant forest berry fruit, apple, and spicy cherry.


The attack is fresh and focused, opening on a soft textured palate, ample concentration, broad and spicy. There is a very fine and delicate thread of acidity, making this wine elegant.

Growing Conditions

There are only a handful of winemakers in the world that make Pinot Noir Blanc. The majority (95%) of red grapes actually have white juice. A very light pressing will result in a white wine made from red grapes. This method of winemaking is really fun for the winemaker, Stéphane Vivier in our case, and the result is the aroma and perfume of Pinot Noir without the tannins and texture. It’s fresh and focused, and fruitier than other whites, such as Chardonnay. This wine offers a rare view of our Pinot Noir vineyard.

Food Pairing

Whitefish, shellfish, cheese and honey