Our Chardonnay expresses fruit aromas of green apple, pear, green banana, melon, and tropical fruits. Adding to the complexity, the oak aging is fairly integrated adding spice, like nutmeg, vanilla, fresh coconut, and the nuance of angel food cake with a slight baked apple and clove.


This wine has great viscosity, depth and an intriguing long finish. The flavors on the palate are predominantly citrus, lemon-lime, green apple and peach. This wine shows great complexity and elegance to be paired with many foods.

Growing Conditions

This growing season was ideal and some would venture to say....“perfect”. With textbook conditions for spring bud break, the vines continued steady growth over the spring, flowering and fruit set. Classic weather promoted a very even set of fruit that was abundant but not over cropped. The long summer days brought a normal veraison, initiating the ripening period that achieved our goals before the fall rains. Harvest was a winemaker’s dream.


May 2013


After a five day cold soak, the fermentation was in stainless steel fermentors at 75°-86° for 10-28 days skin contact, averaging 21.5 days


Barrels: 86% French oak,14% American oak with 15% new oak Cooperage: predominantly World Cooperage/ Damy Aged in Barrel: 4 months collectively


Brilliant greenish straw in color.