On the nose, the 2018 vintage welcomes the senses with aromas of rose petal, honeysuckle, grilled peaches, oranges, and white cherry.


Flavors of tangerine, strawberry tart, peaches, marzipan, and mandarin evoke the bliss of a perfect summer day.


2018 had the coolest temperatures we had seen since 2011, allowing an extended hang time for the fruit and longer flavor development. Additionally, replenished reservoirs and healthy vineyards from the abundant rains of the 2017 vintage yielded to a larger than normal crop. These elements translated to the perfect combination of a high-yield and high-quality vintage that winemakers dream about.


We made this wine by leaving part of the Pinot Noir juice in contact with the skins for three days during harvest. A warm toastiness evolves from this lees contact and combines with the ethereal Pinot Noir fruit character.


As the wine ages and the tiny bubbles are formed, an elegant wine of great poise evolves. Rosé wines are often believed to be made from only Pinot Noir, but the best, including ours, have Chardonnay added for structure.

Food Pairing

Remarkably versatile, classic rosé pairings include rack of lamb, Kobe beef burger, or salmon lemon dill sandwich. It is a beautiful wine for brunch, weddings, and other romantic occasions.