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14 Wines from 10 Grape Varieties

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Chappellet Vineyard Grower Collection Chardonnay, Calesa Vineyard Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardGrower Collection Chardonnay, Calesa Vineyard

Exposed to the fog and wind that funnel through the Petaluma Gap, Calesa is a cool-climate vineyard where Chardonnay ripens slowly, developing pure, vibrant flavors and ideal acidity. Farmed by acclaimed grower Oscar Renteria in shallow, gravelly loam soils, our prized hillside blocks at Calesa feature several exceptional clones of Chardonnay. In addition to producing naturally low yields, this diversity of clonal material results in a complex and layered wine with beautiful notes of citrus, tropical fruit and spice.

Chappellet Vineyard Grower Collection Chardonnay, Sangiacomo Vineyard Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardGrower Collection Chardonnay, Sangiacomo Vineyard

The Sangiacomo family are master viticulturists and multigenerational winegrowers who have been farming since 1927. Their cool, windswept vineyard in Sonoma’s Carneros region is ideally located bordering San Pablo Bay, where the grapes slowly mature, developing intense varietal character, while retaining excellent acidity and finesse. Made from this coveted fruit, this mouthfilling wine displays beautiful layers of stone fruits and citrus, as well as French oak-inspired layers of vanilla and spice.

Chappellet Vineyard Signature Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardSignature Cabernet Sauvignon

The Signature Cabernet Sauvignon has been our flagship wine for more than three decades. It is a benchmark for the long-lived hillside wines of the Napa Valley; full of structure and aging potential, yet seductively forward in its concentrated varietal character.

Chappellet Vineyard Grower Collection Chardonnay, El Novillero Vineyard Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardGrower Collection Chardonnay, El Novillero Vineyard

Planted by the legendary Sangiacomo family, El Novillero is situated on a windswept section of rocky Carneros benchland. There, well-drained rock and gravel soils create naturally small crops of beautifully concentrated Chardonnay. Our block of El Novillero features Robert Young Clone Chardonnay planted in 1993. These older vines yield a dazzling wine that combines hedonistic depth, with elegance and finesse. In the winery, the wine underwent 100% malolactic fermentation and was aged in 42% new French oak barrels.

Chappellet Vineyard Grower Collection Pinot Noir, Dutton Ranch Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardGrower Collection Pinot Noir, Dutton Ranch

In 1967, legendary grower Warren Dutton planted his first vineyard, and helped to establish Russian River Valley as one of the world’s great appellations for Pinot Noir. Today, his sons, Steve and Joe, carry on Warren’s legacy and have established Dutton Ranch as one of the region’s preeminent vineyards. This wine is made using grapes from some of the most prized sections of Pinot Noir at Dutton Ranch. Nestled in the cool, foggy hills above the Russian River Valley, the result is a wine with remarkable depth and concentration.

Chappellet Vineyard Pritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardPritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

With over 50 years on Pritchard Hill and 20 vintages of this wine, the Pritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon represents Chappellet’s crescendo. It is a liquid culmination of our knowledge and artistry, resulting in a wine of unrivaled depth and elegance. A true expression of Pritchard Hill.

Chappellet Vineyard Chenin Blanc Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardChenin Blanc

Our Chenin Blanc has a long and storied history on Pritchard Hill®. The original vines were already producing when Donn and Molly purchased the property in the late 1960s. Following a replanting in 2004, we reintroduced our Chenin Blanc as a “Signature” designation – with a twist. While our Signature Cabernet bear Donn Chappellet’s name, Molly Chappellet’s signature graces our Chenin Blanc label.

Chappellet Vineyard Mountain Cuvee Proprietor’s Blend Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardMountain Cuvee Proprietor’s Blend

Blended from the traditional Bordeaux varietals, including our own coveted grapes, the Chappellet Mountain Cuvee Proprietor’s Blend builds on our five decades of experience crafting great Napa County mountain-grown wines. Each component varietal in the cuvée contributes nuances that complement each other. The result is a complex array of aromas and flavors that deliver pure pleasure in a glass. Made for more near-term enjoyment, this is the wine to choose when you’re looking for vivid, mouthfilling fruit flavors.

Chappellet Vineyard Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardCabernet Franc

The Chappellet Cabernet Franc is a traditional Bordeaux blend with Cabernet Franc at its base. The original vines were planted in 1989, making Cabernet Franc a relatively new addition to Pritchard Hill. This variety thrives on the hill’s volcanic soils, where conditions are ideal for developing ripe, concentrated flavors.

Chappellet Vineyard Las Piedras Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardLas Piedras

Chappellet’s Las Piedras, a Spanish term that translates to “The Rocks,” is a wine that celebrates the prized, rugged terrain of Pritchard Hill. The thin, rock-laden soils of our vineyards yield small, concentrated berries with robust flavors. Winemaker Phillip Corallo-Titus blended individual lots of all five of the traditional red Bordeaux varieties to create this expressive wine.

Chappellet Vineyard Malbec Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardMalbec

We planted our Malbec many years ago, primarily for use as a classic Bordeaux blending varietal in our Pritchard Hill® and Signature Cabernets. As these vines have evolved, they have become something special, offering a particularly intense and powerful expression of the grape, while still delivering Malbec’s trademark velvety tannins and juicy red fruit.

Chappellet Vineyard Zinfandel Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardZinfandel

Long regarded as the quintessential “California” grape, Zinfandel played an historic role in the emergence of California as a producer of flavorful, delicious wines. Widely planted throughout the state by the early wine pioneers, the grape is valued for its rich flavors and suitability to the climate. Our 2018 Napa Valley Zinfandel was produced from 50-year-old vines grown in the Mayacamas Range, 2,000 feet above the valley floor.

Chappellet Vineyard Cultivation Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardCultivation

Cultivation pays homage to two of our great passions: mountain-grown grapes and the art of the blend. This wine combines mountain-grown fruit from our own acclaimed Pritchard Hill with grapes from the dry-farmed old vines of Bald Mountain Vineyard, located at an elevation of 2,000 feet on Mount Veeder. Cultivation lets each variety show its own personality in the blend, resulting in a wine with beautiful mountain fruit, plush tannins and layered complexity.

Chappellet Vineyard Merlot Bottle Preview
Chappellet VineyardMerlot

This supple and elegant mountain-grown Merlot continues to remind wine lovers how delicious Merlot can be. It was aged for 22 months in French oak barrels (40% new), and was blended with three of the other red Bordeaux varieties for added structure and complexity.