Every vintage, our single row of Petit Verdot is the last to ripen. Every vintage, it is the lowest yielding of all our grape varieties. Yet every vintage it punches way beyond its weight and becomes not only an essential component of our Estate and Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, but also a delicious varietal bottling for FYI members and a few other savvy buyers. The 2016 Young Inglewood varietal Petit Verdot is as exceptional as its predecessors. In some vintages, our PV shows its charming side – full of ripe berry fruit, and perfumed aromas. In other vintages - the 2016 is one of them – our PV shows its more savory side - in the 2016 PV, you’ll detect notes of bacon, leather, dark chocolate and espresso. Rich, round and full across the palate, the wine has a seductive chocolate finish. Made in tiny quantities, be sure you don’t miss out.