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A brief history

Founded in 1976 by visionary vineyard developer William Hill, we are located on an exceptionally unique 200-acre parcel at the foot of Atlas Peak on the Silverado Bench. With nearly 40 years of experience growing wine here, we have used our expertise, knowledge and instinct to deliver extraordinary fruit that showcases the distinctive characteristics of our site. Each variety, each wine and each tier has been skillfully crafted to meet our high standards. This disciplined approach to producing excellent wine is apparent in every glass of William Hill Estate we pour today.

Contemporary with a modern touch, William Hill Estate Winery is located in the heart of the Silverado Bench, with unparalleled and expansive views of our sun-drenched estate vineyards and the Napa Valley beyond.
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Established in 1976

1761 Atlas Peak Road
United States, California




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