black fruits, mocha, cassis and Christmas spices.

Growing Conditions

Over my decades as a Napa vintner I have gained great
respect for “drought years.” They are yin and yang years, where a farmer has to pay very close attention to each
vine. In years like 2015, every vine was pushed to the limit – its access to water, its survival. The survivors make
up small crops - that is the “yin.” The “yang” is - the quality can be off the charts.
In 2015, we suffered up to 45% losses in several blocks. It was an early start, but cool weather during flowering in
May contributed to a less than normal fruit set. The berries that did set were generally much smaller than usual.
Once the set was complete, we had warm to very warm conditions up to and through harvest. There was no rush
to judgement on when to pick, we had plenty of space at the winery for the short crop, and all the fruit was in
before the winter storms started to line up off the coast. Initially, I did not pass judgement on this vintage; but
now having tasted all the wines in bottle – it is a great one in all respects