white peach with oyster shell, marmalade.


white fruits, lemon and mineral.

Growing Conditions

2016 was a longer growing season than 2015, with more up and down temperature ranges than any of the five great
consecutive vintages. That said, when I examine the temperature graphs for 2016 I note that we did not have
many days over 100, and average day and night temperatures in the low 60s. That is cool. In summary, 2016 was
another drought year that helped trigger a small crop load. Our Chardonnays are very rich wines, very complex
from the get-go. Will 2016 be the best vintage of the five? Honestly, for some of the wines I think it has a very
good chance of being the alpha vintage.


Very Burgundian in style. Barrel fermented in small
French cooperage, favoring premium three year air dried barrels. There is only
about 20% new oak on this vineyard and is made up of the cooper Saury.
Fermentations begin with native yeast strains for primary and secondary, and
the wines receive the minimal amount of handling through the aging period.
Bottled unfined, unfiltered; we work hard to bring honest and true expression
of the vineyard to you.


20% new oak