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A brief history

Titus Vineyards is a 2nd generation, family-owned and farmed estate producing high quality grapes for limited production, premium Napa Valley wines.; Our wine style focuses on creating well balanced, robust reds that complement the Titus brothers' down home character. The hard work of brothers Eric (grape grower) and Phillip Titus (winemaker) keeps our real Napa style and vision just a bit under the radar and off the main drag - a treat for those who discover us with friends, at a local wine shop or restaurant, or during a Napa Valley visit!; Titus Vineyards is located just north of Deerpark Road on the west side of Silverado trail. Please call us at 707-963-3235, or visit us at www.titusvineyards.com.
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2971 Silverado Trail North
United States, California




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