Toasted oak notes of caramel and spice, opens up to reveal tree fruit aromas including ripe pear, dried apricot and Golden Delicious apples.


A full-bodied wine with bright acidity, balanced with oak flavors showing as vanilla and sweet-oak through to the palate.

Growing Conditions

Our 2018 Chardonnay was fermented in a combination of temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and French and American oak barrels. Our stainless steel fermentation process allows us to preserve the fruit’s natural lush flavors and aromatic qualities. Fermentation in oak barrel, sur lies, then imparts richness and a creamy texture to the mid palate, creating a complex yet elegantly balanced Napa Valley Chardonnay.


The 2018 Growing Season, was truly an exceptional year for ripening grapes. Winter started out with very little rainfall, which made growers worry that it may be another year of drought. When March arrived, however, it brought along the much-needed rainfall that helped fill the root zone, water table and some reservoirs. The vines came out of winter dormancy and began the season with ample water and abundant sunshine.


Stainless Steel and French and American oak barrels

Food Pairing

This is a deliciously versatile wine to be enjoyed as an apéritif or accompaniment to halibut and a citrus vinaigrette field green salad with roasted peaches. Enjoy with your favorite selection of cheeses.