Familiar expressive aromatics of cassis, bayleaf with bright cherry fruit dominate the wine just after opening.


Gradually the
deep blackberry fruit and chocolate emerge in the glass. Full enjoyment of this wine at release can be realized by a gentle
decant to liberate its underlying depth. An elegant Cabernet with underlying muscle.

Growing Conditions

For the third consecutive year 2014 was hot and dry. Thankfully, our vineyard retained adequate soil moisture, supported by
well-timed winter rains, resulting in an overall successful growing season. Warm and moderate temperatures, coupled with
plenty of sunshine, ripened grapes to full maturity and led to an early budding and early harvesting vintage. Similar to the last
two vintages, this year gave us an average sized crop yielding soft, hedonistic wines that showed delicious fruit characteristics
very early on.


The grapes were harvested throughout the month of October.


September 6th, 2016


All fermentations were conducted in small, two ton fermenters
filled by gravity. A 48-hour cold soak period preceded a warm fermentation peaking at 90°F. The fermenters were punched
3 to 4 times a day during the fermentation period. After fermentation was complete, the grapes were kept in contact with the
wine for a variable number of days lengthening the finish to extract the best phenolic structure from the fruit and avoid the
harsher, late-extracted tannins.


22 months in 100% new French oak