Aromas suggest lychee, passion fruit,
lemongrass/lemon zest, and enough herbaceousness to announce, yes, this is Sauvignon Blanc.


Similar flavors
emerge from the aromas with the addition of melon and peach. Still youthful and exuberant, the wine will continue
to evolve and offer different impressions over time. The wine walks the tightrope between richness and liveliness.
We feel confident it succeeds.

Growing Conditions

After three challenging vintages, we were rewarded in 2012. Sunshine and a warm dry spring gave way to mild and
ideal growing conditions through the summer. Not only did this result in high quality grapes, but an abundant supply
as well. It was a welcome relief to this veteran winemaker who has experienced more than 30 harvests in Napa



Bottling Date: August 17, 2010.


Our winemaking strategy has remained consistent now for quite a few years now. Grapes arrive early in the day and
proceed directly to the press without any crushing. The resulting juice ferments in stainless steel for roughly three
weeks. We select a yeast strain known to accentuate aromatics, freshness, and fruitiness.

Fermentation: 22 days at 49º.


Consistent with the
change we made in 2010, rather than age the entire lot sur-lie in old puncheons as in previous vintages, only 25%
received that treatment. That seems to be the right amount to add the texture and richness we are looking for.

75% Stainless Steel and 25% Neutral Oak.


Brilliant in appearance, our 2012 offers the slightest hint of gold.