Bright aromas of red fruit and tobacco fill the glass.


Favors of cherry
and cranberry on the palate. Back notes of coffee, caramel and licorice round
out a classic flavor profile. This 100 percent Sangiovese, with medium weight
on the palate, exhibits its true red fruit characteristics as a Sangiovese grown
in the Napa Valley

Growing Conditions

This extraordinary wine started out as an experiment but has now become an
institution. When we went to plant this vineyard in front of our winery we
noticed that the soil held some truly unique properties, properties that we felt
might be well suited for a Sangiovese. We chose clones 2 and 4 and
waited….On our first tasting we knew we were right. The “Rutherford dust”
had worked its magic on this Italian varietal.

The 2015 growing season started out with unseasonably warm temperatures
resulting in an early bud break and bloom. Colder temperatures in May
caused an uneven fruit set which ultimately resulted in much smaller crop
compared to the 3 years previous.
The harvest was one of the earliest on record, beginning in mid-July, and
concluding by mid-October. While ongoing drought was a concern to farmers
around California, Napa Valley received 75% of normal rainfall for the water
year, bringing far fewer water concerns.

What small amount isn’t snapped up by our wine club is made available only
here and in our tasting room.

Sold out.


18 Months; 100% French Oak.