Fragrant aromas of ripe, black fruit and sweet berry pie fill the glass, highlighting the predominant Zinfandel fruit in this enjoyable blend.


Cabernet Sauvignon adds a savory richness to the palate, and the touch of French oak imparts soft vanilla notes and a warm spiciness. The addition of Petite Sirah rounds out this balanced red wine by adding a little density and silky texture.

Growing Conditions

Our heritage vineyard in Lake County is planted in Petite Sirah and four of the oldest
pre-prohibition clones of Zinfandel in California: Deaver, Dupratt, Nova and our
family’s Domingos selection. Sited at an altitude of 2,100 ft., this vineyard is located
on some of the youngest red volcanic soils in the continental United States. We
harvest and co-ferment these unique clones of Zinfandel together. Petite Sirah and
Cabernet Sauvignon are added for additional depth and complexity. 1892 Field Blend
stands in testament to the best examples of red wine in this emerging appellation.

This was easily one of the most challenging harvest to date. The massive fires
devastated the area and our vineyard became one of the staging areas for the
firefighters. The winds kept the smoke moving the other way and we are happy to
report that all our grapes were free of even trace amounts of taint. The growing
season began with an early bud break followed by a hot summer leading to an early
September harvest. Overall yields were average to below average. Even with this
short growing season, the fruit showed a very nice acid balance and should make for
an exceptional vintage.


65% French Oak, 35% American Oak
35% New, 65% Two-Year Old

Food Pairing

Enjoy with your favorite sweet and spicy BBQ recipes, or even a homemade pizza on your grill!